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Syncing Spell Catcher With MobileMe

If you have a MobileMe account, you can use MobileMe to Sync your Spell Catcher X Learned Words, Compiled Learned Words, Omitted Words, Shorthand Glossaries, Dictionary Servers, and Modify Selection Macros with your other Macs that Sync with MobileMe. This ensures that you always have the same word lists, shorthands, and other Spell Catcher References available on all your Mac computers.

After Spell Catcher X 10.4 is first opened, it will appear in the Sync tab of MobileMe System Preferences.

Make sure you are familiar with using MobileMe Sync by opening System Preferences, viewing the MobileMe pane, selecting the Sync tab, and clicking the Help button.

Setting up MobileMe Syncing

Spell Catcher X allows you to choose which References you would like to Sync. By default, all Spell Catcher documents that can be synced will be. This means everything that resides in your home ~/Library/Application Support/Spell Catcher folder, and all subfolders other than the one named “Additional References”. Also excluded are any non-writable or locked references, as Syncing requires the ability to write to the files you are Syncing.

Spell Catcher X can only Sync native Spell Catcher X format files. Even though Spell Catcher can read and write Spell Catcher 8 and Spell Catcher Plus format references, those formats preclude Syncing. You can easily convert these references to Spell Catcher X format by using the File > Save As command in the Spell Catcher application.

You can choose what to Sync by selecting or deselecting the checkbox in the Sync column in Spell Catcher Preferences, References pane, and in the Online Dictionary Server section in the Look Up window.

We recommend that your first Spell Catcher MobileMe Sync be performed on the Mac with a “definitive” set of Spell Catcher References installed, although this is not strictly necessary. You will be given the option to Merge what’s on your computer with what resides on MobileMe on the initial Sync on your other Macs.

Ready to Sync?

Once you’ve (optionally) chosen what to Sync, open MobileMe System Preferences, select the Sync tab, locate Spell Catcher in the list, and select to Sync Spell Catcher. We recommend choosing to Sync Automatically, but this is entirely up to you.

Spell Catcher should begin to Sync shortly, be aware that the initial Sync might take some time. This depends on various factors &emdash; how much Spell Catcher data there is to Sync, the version of Mac OS X you’re using, the speed of your network connection with MobileMe, and the overall performance of your computer.

Important Notes

Syncing “Deletions”

When you turn off syncing for a Spell Catcher reference or document that was being synced, you may get a Sync Alert on other Macs (from Mac OS X) stating that that item will be deleted, and whether to continue with the Sync or Cancel. Not to worry, Spell Catcher will never delete a document or file from your disk when Syncing! To Spell Catcher, a delete Sync change is interpreted as “stop syncing this document or file”.

When can this happen?

On Mac #1, one of the following happens:

Mac #1 then Syncs with MobileMe.

Another Mac Syncs then with MobileMe

Syncing is Undoable!

When a MobileMe Sync causes Spell Catcher to modify a document, those modifications are almost entirely undoable. So if a Sync causes something "unexpected" to happen (perhaps due to an error or undesirable modification made on another Mac), in almost all cases, you will be able to Undo those changes. This means actually opening the reference in the Spell Catcher application and choosing Edit > Undo Sync.

Exceptions to the Above

When shorthands are deleted from a Shorthand Glossary reference, they are deleted on other Macs from that Synced reference. This is normally what you would want to happen. Those synced deletions are undoable.

When a Sync Delete change occurs for a Modify Selection Macro, Spell Catcher doesn't (currently) set it as "not synced", and will continue to Sync it. This would generally only occur when a Modify Selection Macro is deleted or locked via the Finder.

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