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What’s New in Spell Catcher X version 10.2.2

Below you will find a list of changes in Spell Catcher X 10.2.2. Make sure to read the "What's New..." documents available in the Spell Catcher application's Help menu for more details.

Spell Catcher X version 10.2.2 or later is required for use on Intel Macs.

System Requirements Have Changed!

Spell Catcher X 10.2.2 requires Mac OS X 10.3.9, or Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later.
Mac OS X 10.2.x (Jaguar) users must continue to use Spell Catcher X 10.2.1.


Spell Catcher X 10.2.2 is a Universal Macintosh application and input method component. Input method (and other) components must be built as Universal for use on an Intel-based Macintosh.

New Interactive Preference

A preference has been added to the Interactive pane, Typing tab: Ignore typing when the application is automatically completing. This is useful when you don’t want Spell Catcher “interfering” when, for example, Mail is automatically completing email addresses when composing a message.

New Alert Sounds Actions

Alert sounds can now be played for Automatic Changes (nothing is played for double space prevention) and for when the Caps Lock key is engaged (useful for those times when accidentally hit). By default, these alert sounds are not played (the volume is set to zero). Visit the Alerts pane of Spell Catcher Preferences and increase the volume for Automatic Change and/or Caps Lock Pressed to have these alert sounds play.

More Predictable “Quitting”

When Quitting the Spell Catcher X application while the input method is in use, interactive features and other commands available with the input method are disabled by default. This makes sure that the input method does not re-launch the application (it may be re-launched by the Mac OS itself for other reasons, like the Spelling Panel or commands from the Services menu). All commands in the input menu are removed, leaving an “Open Spell Catcher” item, and the usual “Set Keyboard” submenu. This, along with other changes mentioned below, makes upgrading the product quite a bit easier.

Simplified Update Procedure

The input method can now be updated “live” - while it’s active, while it’s in use. This means that you can now update your Spell Catcher installation without having to choose a keyboard first. Combined with the above new “Quit” behavior, updating is (very nearly) as simple as with any other application. Just Quit the Spell Catcher application, copy the new version of the app over the old, and launch it. If the version you are updating from is 10.2.2 or later (or a 10.2.2 public beta), you will not be asked to choose a keyboard if Spell Catcher’s input method is active! It’s still strongly recommended that you restart after updating the component, but no longer strictly necessary.

Other Improvements

For the Moderately Adventurous Ghostwriter User

There is a new SCGhostwriterDateFormat user default key (a string) to change the date format used to name Ghostwriter’s “daily” folders. Currently, there is no user interface for this, so you have to use the defaults command in the Terminal, or edit the com.rainmaker.SpellCatcher.plist file). The value is a string, and should be a date format specifier compatible with -[NSCalendarDate descriptionWithCalendarFormat:].

For example, to have Ghostwriter create folders named like “yyyy-mm-dd”:

defaults write com.rainmaker.SpellCatcher SCGhostwriterDateFormat -string "%Y-%m-%d"

To revert to the default format (the “full” date format specified in International System Preferences):

defaults write com.rainmaker.SpellCatcher SCGhostwriterDateFormat -string ""

You should Quit the Spell Catcher application before making this change, and either restart or log out and in again afterwards to have it take effect.

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