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What's New in Spell Catcher X version 10.1.3

Improved Checking of Word Pairs

Previous versions of Spell Catcher X were able to check word pairs during Check Selection ("San Francisco", for instance). Starting in version 10.1.3, Spell Catcher can check the spelling of and expand shorthand abbreviations for word pairs (two words separated by white space). This also makes it possible to use Ignore All for repeated word errors.

As an example, if you commonly make a typo such as "andt he" (the space is typed too late or too early), you can define a shorthand abbreviation "andt he" --> "and the" to automatically correct it. This works in both interactive checking (via the input method) and during Check Selection.

Two new checkboxes have been added to the Interactive pane of Spell Catcher's Preferences window to control word pair checking and expanding:

Check Selection Text Scaling and Wrapping Controls

There are two new controls in the Check Selection window - a pop-up menu to choose a scaling (zoom) factor for the displayed text, and a checkbox to control the way word wrapping is performed.

Neither of these settings affect the actual formatting of the text being checked - only the way it is displayed in the Check Selection window.

More About "Force Wrapping"

Two new checkboxes have been added to the Spelling pane, Check Selection tab of Spell Catcher's Preferences window to set the defaults for these controls. Generally you would change these on a per-application basis. You can always change them on-the-fly from within the Check Selection window itself. Note that changing the scaling or wrapping while in the Check Selection window does not affect the preferences.

Easier Updating

Starting in version 10.1.3, it is now possible to update your Spell Catcher installation in a single restart.

Fixes, Changes and Enhancements

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