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What's New in Spell Catcher X version 10.2.1

Spell Catcher X version 10.2.1 contains a number of new features and enhancements. This document gives you an overview. Spell Catcher X version 10.2 introduced a much larger number of new features, choose What Was New in 10.2? from the Help menu in the Spell Catcher application to see what was added in that version. Choose Spell Catcher Help from the Help menu in the Spell Catcher application for more information and details on using these and other Spell Catcher features.

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Spotlight Support on Tiger

Spell Catcher X 10.2.1 includes a Spotlight Plug-in for Learned Words, Shorthand Glossary, and Omitted Words documents. This means that you can use Spotlight on Tiger to instantly search for information contained in and about your Spell Catcher reference documents.

This means you can not only use Spotlight to search the contents of your references, but search for other things like language, number of words or shorthands, and more.

Spotlight Attributes

This additional metadata (Languages, Number of Words) is shown in the More Info pane in Spotlight search results and in the Finder’s Get Info window.

Spotlight More Info

Opening a document from the Spotlight search results window will display the found word or shorthand (or first/best match, if possible).

The Find in References command is still what you use to search for words in all types of Spell Catcher References. Spell Catcher’s Spotlight support makes the contents of your own (editable) Learned Words, Shorthand Glossary and Omitted Words documents available - it’s not meant to replace Spell Catcher’s Look Up and Find in Reference commands. If you have ideas about what other information about your Spell Catcher documents should be made available via Spotlight, send us your feedback!

New Spelling Panel-Related Language Preference

It’s now possible to specify a specific Spell Catcher language to use as the equivalent for “English (Spell Catcher)” in the Mac OS X Spelling Panel. This is useful in those applications that are unable to use a Spell Catcher language you need directly.

Spotlight More Info

Choosing a Spell Catcher language (other than “No language”) will cause “English (Spell Catcher)” to appear in the Dictionary pop-up menu in the spelling panel. Choosing “English (Spell Catcher)” in the spelling panel will make that Spell Catcher language available.

Shorthand Expansion Improvements

Shorthand Glossary expansions can now contain cursor movement (arrow) keys, backspace, delete (forward) and other characters that aren’t generally considered textual in nature. There is a new “Key” pop-up menu in Shorthand Glossary document windows (above the expansion text area) to easily choose one of these characters to insert into an expansion. These appear as “tags” in the expansion text, for example <left><up><bs> etc. These tags may also contain a repeat count - so <left4> is the equivalent to <left><left><left><left>.

This makes it possible to define a shorthand such as this:

ptag → <p></p><left4>

When you type the abbreviation “ptag”, the result is <p></p> with the insertion point positioned between the opening and closing HTML <p> tags, ready for you to type the paragraph text itself!

New General Preference

A preference has been added to set the font for the interactive suggestions and completions pop-up lists.

New, Less Expensive “Basic” License

The new licensing scheme we’re using allows us to do things that were previously not possible or somewhat difficult. We’ve had numerous requests over the years for a lower-priced version of the product (at the expense of some of the more advanced features), and now we’re able to do this. So for USD 29.95, a license that excludes Ghostwriter, Modify Selection, Completion from the input method, and works only with U.S. English references can be purchased. An upgrade from a “Basic” license to our standard “no restrictions” license can be purchased at any time. Refresh your newly-upgraded basic license, and any restrictions are removed. The software itself does not need to be upgraded or re-installed in any way.

Other Improvements

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