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Spell Catcher Plus Upgrade Purchase

Taking you to our online store at Kagi so you can purchase an upgrade for your license...

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( Click here if you do not wish to wait )"); printf(""); } else if ($l_upgradeNotNeeded) { printf("

Your license has already been upgraded. All you need to do is request a new key and all of Spell Catcher's features will be available.

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To request a new key all you need to do is click on Spell Catcher's checkmark in the Taskbar (using the right mouse button), and select View License... when the popup menu appears.

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This will display your license information in a dialog. Click the Refresh License button when the dialog appears.

"); } else if ($l_licenseNotFound) printf("The W250 License provided was not found in our records."); else printf("A W250 license must be provided for this page to work correctly!"); ?>