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Spell Catcher X 10.4 “SCX” License Code Upgrade Eligibility

Are you certain your “SCX” license code hasn’t been upgraded and has no associated “X102” license code?

Our records indicate that over 90% of customers with “SCX” license codes already own an upgraded “X102” license. The Spell Catcher X 10.4 upgrade is less expensive for those with “X102” codes! If your “SCX” code was ugraded on or after May 1, 2010, the Spell Catcher X 10.4 upgrade is free! Send a summary of all your licenses to yourself to make sure. Visit our Spell Catcher X 10.4 “X102” license code upgrade eligibility page if you have an “X102” license.

Upgrading Your “SCX” License Code

Spell Catcher X 10.2 and later use different license codes than previous versions. Your current license code, beginning with “SCX”, must be upgraded for use with version 10.4. If eligible, you can use your “SCX” license code to purchase the Spell Catcher X 10.4 upgrade for $19.95 USD.

Take a look at What’s New in Spell Catcher X 10.4 to see all the improvements we've made!

Check Your Eligibility

Depending upon how you arrived at this page, your “SCX” license code may already be filled-in. Do a quick double-check to make sure it appears correct.

If the “SCX” license code below is empty or incorrect, you must locate your “SCX” code. If you have Spell Catcher X installed and licensed, you can find your “SCX” license code by switching to the Spell Catcher application, choosing “Licenses...” from the Spell Catcher menu. Your code will be visible in the License Manager window.

If your “SCX” license does not appear in the License Manager window, you can e-mail it to yourself if we have a record for you in our database. We do not have records for all of the “SCX-010” license codes that were issued!

To check the eligibility of your “SCX” license code, enter it and click the Submit button.

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Unable to access the database at this time. Please try again later.

"); } else if ($serialValid == SCXCodeHasX102License) { printf("

This license code has already been used to purchase the upgrade to Spell Catcher X 10.2 or later, and has an associated “X102” license.

"); printf("

Please visit our Spell Catcher X 10.4 “X102” license code upgrade eligibility page, and use your “X102” license information to determine your upgrade eligibility.

"); printf("

If you don't have your “X102” license information handy, please e-mail it to yourself from our Lost License Codes page.

"); } else if ($serialValid == SerialEligibleNotPurchased) { printf("

This license code is valid, and can be used to purchase the Spell Catcher X 10.4 upgrade.

Follow this link to visit our online store at Kagi to make your purchase. Your “SCX” code should be filled-in automatically so you don’t have to type it in again.

"); } else if ($serialValid == SerialInvalid) printf("

This license code is not valid and cannot be used to purchase the Spell Catcher X 10.4 upgrade.

"); else if ($serialValid == SerialNotEligible) printf("

This license code cannot be used to purchase the Spell Catcher X 10.4 upgrade.

"); if (!($serialValid == SCXCodeHasX102License || $serialValid == SerialEligibleNotPurchased || $serialValid == SerialNotEligible)) { printf("
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"); } ?>

Your privacy is important to us. Please read our Privacy Policy.

If you are positive that your “SCX” license code is eligible for this upgrade, but our eligibility check reports otherwise, please contact our sales e-mail address. Include your purchase information and license code. We’ll check whether we somehow missed adding you to our database.

If you’re not interested in purchasing online, please contact us at our sales e-mail address and we can arrange an alternative.