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"); if (!$found) $arrErrors['license'] = "Matching license not found."; // check eligibility. else { // login to and connect with the mysql server $link = dbconnect(FALSE); if ($link) { //echo "

SQL Started OK

"; // select the correct database $db = mysql_select_db("rainmkr_customerdata", $link); if ($db) { // see if it qualifies for free or has been used to purchase $qresult = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM scxblowfish WHERE serial = '$l_normalizedLicenseCode'"); if (mysql_num_rows($qresult) > 0) { // there will only be zero or one matches if ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($qresult)) { // whether this type of license can up upgraded at our store. if ($row["lic_type"] != 1) { $errorCode = kLicenseTypeNeedsSpecialHandling; //$arrErrors['license'] = "

This type of license needs special upgrade handling. Please contact us at:
"; $arrErrors['license'] = "This type of license needs special upgrade handling. Please contact us at: our sales e-mail address with your license info."; } else { // whether the license is eligible for use with 10.4. $errorCode = kLicenseEligibleNotPurchased; $scx104EligibleAfterDate = mktime(0, 0, 0, 4, 30, 2010); $upgradeStartDate = strtotime($row["upgrade_start_date"]); if ($upgradeStartDate >= $scx104EligibleAfterDate) $errorCode = kLicenseEligibleFree; } } } } mysql_close($link); } } if ($errorCode == kLicenseEligibleNotPurchased) $purchaseURL = "$l_normalizedLicenseCode&X102Name=$l_name"; } } else { $l_licenseCode = strtoupper(trim($_REQUEST['license'])); $l_normalizedLicenseCode = $l_licenseCode; $l_name = utf8_decode(trim($_REQUEST['name'])); $l_name = stripslashes($l_name); } ?>

Spell Catcher X 10.4 Upgrade Eligibility (For “X102” License Code Owners)

Customers that purchased Spell Catcher X on or after May 1, 2010 qualify for a free upgrade to Spell Catcher X 10.4. Otherwise, those with an “X102” license can purchase the Spell Catcher X 10.4 upgrade for $14.95 USD.

For customers that only own an old “SCX” license code, the upgrade is $19.95. Visit our Spell Catcher X 10.4 “SCX” license code upgrade eligibility page if you only have an “SCX” license.

Take a look at What’s New in Spell Catcher X 10.4 to see all the improvements we’ve made!

Who is Eligible for the Free Upgrade?

Check Your Eligibility

Depending upon how you arrived at this page, your “X102” License Code and Exact Name on License may already be filled-in. Do a quick double-check to make sure it appears correct.

If “X102” License Code or Exact Name on License below is empty or incorrect, you must locate your current Spell Catcher X license info. If you have Spell Catcher X installed and licensed, you can find your “X102” license info by switching to the Spell Catcher application, then choosing Spell Catcher > Licenses… Your license info will be visible in the License Manager window.

If your “X102” license does not appear in the License Manager window, you can e-mail it to yourself.

To check the eligibility of your “X102” license, enter it and the Exact Name on License, then click the Submit button.

"); else printf("
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", $arrErrors['name']); } ?> "); ?> Unable to access the database at this time. Please try again later.

"); else if ($errorCode == kLicenseEligibleFree) { printf("

This license is eligible for a free upgrade to Spell Catcher X 10.4.

"); printf("

There is no need to visit our online store at Kagi, just download and install the latest version of Spell Catcher X 10.4, it will guide you through the steps (usually just two button clicks) to upgrade your existing “X102” license key.

"); printf("

You can e-mail a summary of all your licenses to yourself if you'd like.

"); } else if ($errorCode == kLicenseEligibleAlreadyPurchased) printf("

This license code has already been used to purchase the Spell Catcher X 10.4 upgrade.

"); else if ($errorCode == kLicenseEligibleNotPurchased) { printf("

This license code is not eligible for a free upgrade, but can be used to purchase one.

"); printf("

Follow this link to visit our online store at Kagi to make your purchase. Your “X102” code and Exact Name on License should be filled-in automatically so you don’t have to enter it again.

"); } if (!($errorCode == kLicenseEligibleFree || $errorCode == kLicenseEligibleAlreadyPurchased || $errorCode == kLicenseEligibleNotPurchased)) { printf("
"); printf(" "); printf("
"); } ?>

Your privacy is important to us. Please read our Privacy Policy.

If your “X102” license is eligible to purchase the upgrade, you may proceed to our online store at Kagi to make your purchase, or click your browser’s back button if that’s where you got here from.

"); ?>

If you are positive that your “X102” license is eligible for a free upgrade, but our eligibility check reports otherwise, please contact our sales e-mail address. Include your purchase information and license code. We’ll check its eligibility manually.

If you’re not interested in purchasing online, please contact us at our sales e-mail address and we can arrange an alternative.