Spell Catcher 8 v8.1.3 (current) and Spell Catcher Plus v2.1.4 (obsolete) Installer Download

We are not able to provide replacement installers on CD - only via download.

Installers for the current versions of Spell Catcher X (for Mac OS X) and Spell Catcher Plus (for Windows) can be downloaded at any time from our main Downloads page.

Replacement installers for old products (Spell Catcher 1.x for Macintosh and Windows, Spell Catcher X 10.0.2) are not available.

To make a request to download a replacement installer, select the product you want an installer for, enter the e-mail address you purchased or registered this product with, then click Find Registration.

If we find you in our customer records, an e-mail will be sent to the address you provide. This message will instructions for downloading the installer you requested.

If your current e-mail address is different from the one in our records, you'll be given the option to ask us to update our records.

If we don't find your product registration for the e-mail address you enter, perhaps you registered using a different or older one - try that address as well. If you know your license code, you can register your products with us, then visit this page again and make your request.

Having problems with this feature? Maybe you've found a bug. Describe to our webmaster the trouble you were having.

If you or your service provider use a junk mail or spam filter, and you suspect that the e-mail we send is being filtered or caught somehow, contact our support address, stating that you never received the installer request confirmation e-mail, and we'll confirm your request manually. Note that you can always re-send this confirmation e-mail at any time by requesting it again, as long as your download limit has not been exceeded.