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Watch Spell Catcher in action! Learn how Spell Catcher’s many features can boost your productivity by watching our video tutorials.

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We’re working on creating more of these—in the meantime you might want to take the Spell Catcher Plus Online Tour, and view the individual features highlighted on our Home Page. You’ll find lots of screenshots and animations there as well.

Note: Most Spell Catcher features are common to all products. Some features are accessed, selected, or used slightly differently from one product to another. Features demonstrated in a tutorial that are available only in a specific Spell Catcher product are noted.

Interactive Spell Checking - Check spelling and correct errors as you type

Interactive checking movie

Click to play the movie.

Shows how to use the Suggest Spelling window and Pop-Up Suggestions List when checking spelling while you type.

Duration 02:21.


Shorthands movie

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Shows how to create and use shorthands.

Duration 02:21.

Coming soon: AutoCorrect