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Spell Catcher X Writing Features

If you write on your Mac, regardless of the applications you write in, Spell Catcher X can help to make you more accurate and productive.

You don't need to have lots of different applications to do all of these jobs, Spell Catcher X is all you need!

Shorthand Glossary

There is one writing feature everyone can use immediately: Spell Catcher X's powerful "Shorthand Glossary" feature which has been a standard through all of the versions of Spell Catcher. This feature allows you to create custom shorthand, (such as "vty" which is automatically expanded to "Very Truly Yours" by Spell Catcher X). The shorthand glossary is available in one application or in all your applications-it's that simple! The glossary can include carriage returns, punctuation and tab formatting, making salutations and routine repetition a breeze.

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